New Year, New Website, New World!

Hi all!

CarLess in LA is finished except for a few things, oh, like paying for the awesome music that we’ve tucked in there.

Nonetheless, 2016 is going to be our year.  We are currently entering film festivals and on the look out for the best way to distribute and get it to YOU, whether special screenings or online!

And of course… We are so excited for the changes we’ve seen in cities everywhere:  the new Metro lines opening up in Los Angeles, more bike lanes everywhere, passing of many 3 foot laws, Zyp coming to Birmingham, Breeze Bikeshare coming to Santa Monica and so so so so much more!

We think that the world is definitely moving in the right direction, and although, sure, there are still CARS everywhere, well, we appreciate those too (especially if they are electric).  🙂

Much love in 2016, and we will see you on the streets!


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